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Travelling with toddler tips (part 1)

Posted on: March 2, 2009

I traveled with my 1.5 year-old son recently. It was a quite long trip ( 1.5 hour to Singapore + 7 hour to Melbourne). There are some notes to take before you travel with the little one.

– Put him / her on his most comfortable clothes.
You don’t want him to feel too hot or too cold, or too strangled
because you want to dress him in his new clothes.

– Bring spare clothes
It’s a MUST

– Bring snacks or food
You won’t know whether your kid love the aerplane food, so it’s
better if you prepare some food on your own in case you are sure
that he will eat anything on any condition.

– Bring spacious bag
Well, your hand will be full so you need a spacious bag to put all
your needs

– Don’t forget the stroller
Although your little ones’ feet are strong enough to run, when he’s
sleepy he will lose all his moods to walk. Stroller is very useful
because it can be used until the plane gate and you can get it back
at the side of airplane door when you arrive. Just don’t forget to
mention it to the check-in officer about your stroller.

– Prepare your lap
I ordered bassinette for my son but apparently he sleeps more
soundly on my lap so the bassinette is only used about half an hour.
The basinette is 76 cm long and can take up to 14 kg loads.
One more thing, the basinette can only be used during smooth
flight, so when the seat belt light is on you have to take your baby
off the basinette to your lap.


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